Juba Classified software is simply the best classified software available. Every feature anyone could want in a classified program.

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Juba Business Directory a port of our classifieds, all the features of the classifieds. Simply the best you can get.

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At Juba Software we are inspired by the need and desire to create the absolute best in online applications for web site development. We offer the best in support after the sale in the industry.

Collectively, we have over 36 years of programing experience, primarily developing programs for the world wide web. Programing for us is not a job, it is a hobby that we coincidentally make some money at. Writing software is like playing 3d chess, complicated and frustrating, and at the same time very satisfying.

Our Content Manager software is very compact, yet powerful and full featured. The Alpha version is being tested and a release date will come soon.

We specialize in Classified Ad programs, Business Directories, Shopping Carts, and Content Managers.

We write all our software in Perl and PHP, usually a combination of both. Perl is very secure and does a great job as a processor engine. PHP allows us to do things that are not possible with Perl on most web sites. Most all of our programs use MySQL for the database engine, except where speed is better with another data engine.