Juba Classified software is simply the best classified software available. Every feature anyone could want in a classified program.

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Juba Business Directory a port of our classifieds, all the features of the classifieds. Simply the best you can get.

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Repikator Affiliate Management Software

Repikator $179.95

Affiliate programs are one of the best means of advertising your products or services. A very low cost solution and an effective way to increase the sales of your products or services.

 Our Affiliate program is feature rich, many features only found in enterprise level affiliate software. Repikator is designed for small to medium size businesses with the power of enterprise software.

Very competitively priced software for a great advertising solution for your products or services.

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How Does Juba Affiliate Management Software Work?

  • Refer people to your affiliate site, they click on the Become an Affiliate link.
  • The Affiliate link contains the sponsor information for tracking of downline.
  • Person joins your affiliate program through the affiliate register page.
  • After registration is approved, the person can login and set up their affiliate site.
  • Sites can be edited at any time by your affiliates.
  • You can replicate one page or 100s of pages for your affiliates.
  • A private folder can also be used if needed.
  • Replicate php, html, asp, or any type of pages you need for your affiliate sites.
  • All pages are personalized with your affiliates personal information.
  • Easy use of Paypal for a payment processor.
  • View downline to 3 levels.
  • Image upload for your affiliate page if needed.

Software Requirements

  • Web Server, Linux or Windows
  • Perl 5x

Perl Modules Used

  • Standard Modules included in Perl
  • CGI
  • CGI::Carp
  • CGI::Cookie
  • Fcntl