Juba Classified software is simply the best classified software available. Every feature anyone could want in a classified program.

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Juba Business Directory a port of our classifieds, all the features of the classifieds. Simply the best you can get.

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Juba Upload Download Program  Demo

Juba Upload Juba Upload  $79.95

The upload/download program can be used in several ways.

The administrator can use the program to distribute files of any type to clients.
  1. Allow your clients to upload files to your site. This can be used as you work with clients to transfer work documents or images to and from clients.
  2. Simply allow clients to upload files for any use you may need.

Registration of Clients

  1. The administrator can register clients.
  2. Clients can register themselves with administrator approval.
  3. Clients can register and go live immediately.

The administrator can select to allow clients to:

  1. access download files only.
  2. access download and upload files.
  3. upload files only.

Program Administrator Features  Admin Demo

  • Register new clients
  • Edit Client
  • Remove Client
  • Upload files to client web space
  • File management
  • Edit emails and HTML for pages
  • Edit templates
  • Export CSV file of registration database
  • Sub-Folder support -- generate as many sub-folders as you need for clients, ie: Documents -- PDF -- Images -- etc.
  • 8 add on fields for registration if you want to collect more data from your clients

If allowing clients to register themselves, and the option is set for admin approval of registration, then upon registration, the admin will receive an email with client details. The client can be approved by simply clicking on a link in the email.